Within the framework of the process of updating the UIFAND website, revised versions of the following documents are available in the "Other publications" section: (i) Guide on cash-intensive activities, Guide on the beneficial owner and Guide on the Individual Risk Assessment (ERI); (ii) Best practices informative note addressed to the non-profit organisations (NPOs) sector; and, finally, (iii) Typologies relating to typical transactions likely to involve money laundering.

The two following technical communiqués: (i) a new technical communiqué which repeals the previous CT-03/201 concerning cash movements; and (ii) a new technical communiqué which repeals the previous CT-02/2019 concerning the update of beneficial owner information, are available in the "Applicable Technical Communiqués" section. Both technical communiqués have been modified in order to adapt their content to the successive amendments to the Law 14/2017, of 22 June, on the prevention and fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

In the past few months, the UIFAND has carried out a global analysis and review of the content of its website, basically with the aim of updating and incorporating the latest legislative developments. In this sense, new versions of different documents are issued, such as Guides, Technical Communiqués, Information Notes and Typologies, and, simultaneously, the recently approved legislation is incorporated into the different sections of the website.

Taking into account the scope of this modification, the same will be incorporated progressively, and therefore, the parties under obligation are requested to consult it periodically.

The Companies Register, attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Economy and Business, has made available to the parties under obligation a new online platform to consult the information on the beneficial owners of the companies.

This platform is available to all those persons designated by a party under obligation as representatives before the UIFAND. Access is personal, by means of their digital certificate and through the following link: https://aplicacions.govern.ad/consulteseconomia/

The information contained in the platform corresponds to the last document that the companies have provided in compliance with the "Decree of 05-09-2018 approving the Regulation governing the recording and access to information relating to beneficial owners". It should be noted that this information is necessary to comply with the provisions of article 10.1 of "Law 14/2017, of June 22, on the prevention and fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism" by which the parties under obligation must request from the competent Register a proof or extract of the information of the beneficial owner.

Any incident or technical problem with access to the platform must be reported directly to the Companies Register via the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, it is worth recalling the public nature of the register of beneficial owners, on the grounds of the fundamental, internationally accepted principles of transparency and publicity, and by virtue of what is established in article 19.4 of Law 14/2017. In this sense, any person, other than the authorities or the parties under obligation, can access the information on the beneficial owner following the procedure set in articles 10 and 11 of the aforementioned Regulation contained in the Decree of 09-5-2018, upon the payment of the corresponding fee.

A new technical communiqué, regarding whistleblowing and the mechanisms to encourage the reporting of potential or actual breaches of Law 14/2017 and its developing provisions is now available in the "Applicable Technical Communiqués" section. The form referred to in the technical communiqué is available in the "Forms" section.

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