The Financial Intelligence Unit of Andorra (UIFAND) and the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA) have signed a new memorandum of understanding to extend the scope of the previously existing one and to include new supervised parties by both Authorities, specifically virtual asset service providers and digital overseers. Thus, this new memorandum replaces the one signed on 12 March 2019.

This new memorandum consolidates and broadens the basis for regulating the collaboration between both Authorities in those functions attributed to them by the corresponding regulations in relation to the supervision of the operative entities of the financial system, the subjects of the insurance and reinsurance sector, the virtual asset service providers, and the digital overseers.

We would like to inform all reporting entities that the process of analysis and revision of the UIFAND website, which has been carried out over the last few months, has been completed so that the website's content is now completely up to date with the inclusion of the latest legislative amendments.

Within the framework of the process of updating the UIFAND website, the content of the "Reporting entities" section, both financial and non-financial (designated non-financial businesses and professions), has been reviewed and modified.

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