As of today, the Decree 214/2022, amending the Regulation regulating the register and access to the information related to beneficial ownership on the legal entities’ register and the Decree 215/2022, amending the Regulation regarding the Register of Trusts and Similar Legal Arrangements Service Providers published on June 1 in the Andorran Official Gazette is available in the "National legislation" section.


On April 2022, the FATF published the "report on the state of effectiveness and compliance with the FATF standards", which gives a comprehensive overview of the state of global efforts to tackle money laundering, terrorist and proliferation financing.

The report is based on data from FATF and FSRB mutual evaluation reports since 2013, which assessed the strengths and weaknesses of national frameworks to tackle these crimes.

Both the report and the press release can be seen at the following link:

https://www.fatf-gafi.org/publications/fatfgeneral/documents/effectiveness-compliance-standards.html (English version only)


Moneyval has published its annual report 2021. Both the report and the press release can be seen at the following links:

https://www.coe.int/en/web/moneyval/-/stricter-regulation-of-virtual-assets-and-specialised-gatekeeper-professions-should-be-priorities-in-combating-money-laundering (English version)
https://www.coe.int/fr/web/moneyval/-/stricter-regulation-of-virtual-assets-and-specialised-gatekeeper-professions-should-be-priorities-in-combating-money-laundering (French version)

In order to facilitate its consultation and understanding, an unofficial consolidated version of Law 14/2017, of 22 June, on the prevention and fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is provided, which incorporates the latest legislative amendment due to the recent approval of Law 37/2021, of 16 December.

The Andorran Official Gazzette (BOPA) publishes Decree 147/2022, of 13-4-2022, amending Decree 111/2022, on restrictive measures in relation to the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, which amends annexes 3 and 4 of Decree 111/2022 to include 217 natural persons and 18 legal persons, respectively.

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