Restrictive measures

The main goal of the restrictive measures referred to in article 49 of Law 14/2017, of June 22, on the prevention and fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. is to ban the persons and entities deemed to have links with terrorist activities, its financing, or the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, from using the financial and non-financial international system to promote or commit those criminal activities.

With this objective, the international community has adopted restrictive measures in relation to persons in entities that are listed in national and international lists (for example, The List of the Security Council of the United Nations), that are publicly available to comply with the restrictive measures adopted. These restrictive measures shall be adopted promptly and effectively, so that the effort aimed at combating terrorism and its financing and the financing of weapons of mass destruction is effective.

Guide on the application of Restrictive Measures
Consolidated list of sanctions of the Security Council of the United Nations
Search engine of the consolidated list of sanctions of the Security Council of the United Nations
Lists of prohibited items for export/import activities from/to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, pursuant to Resolution 1718 of the United Nations Security Council
Resolution 1/2020 of 9th October 2020 which repeals Resolutions 1/2019 of 23rd May 2019 and 2/2019 of 1st October 2019
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