Applicable Technical Communiqués

One of the competencies of the UIFAND is the one corresponding to the development of Law 14/2017 and its applicable regulation, which can be done through the publication of Technical Communiqués.

Technical Communiqués are legal instruments that set out recommendations and guidelines that the Unit considers appropriate and that must be complied with by the reporting entities to which they are referred to.

It should be taken into account that, up until 2019, some of the Technical Communiqués had to be accessed through the restricted area by the reporting entity to which it was addressed (such as, for example, the Technical Communiqués concerning audit requirements).

UIFAND Technical Communiqués
Year 2021
    CT-03/2021 Technical Communiqué CT-03/2020 concerning the updated list of countries classified as high-risk by the European Union
    CT-02/2021 Technical Communiqué CT-02/2021 regarding the update of the FATF's list of high-risk countries
Year 2020
    CT-11/2020 CT-11/2020, regarding the instructions of the audit reports of the postal institutions (in Catalan only)
    CT-10/2020 CT-10/2020, regarding the instructions of the audit reports of the banking entities (in Catalan only)
    CT-09/2020 CT-09/2020, regarding the instructions of the audit reports of the non-banking financial entities (in Catalan only)
    CT-08/2020 CT-08/2020, regarding the instructions of the audit reports of the life insurance companies (in Catalan only)
    CT-07/2020 Technical Communiqué CT-07/2020 regarding the application of enhanced measures in relation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
    CT-04/2020 Technical Communiqué CT-04/2020, regarding the adoption of measures within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic
    CT-02/2020 Technical Communiqué CT-02/2020 concerning associations, foundations and other non-profit organizations.
    CT-01/2020 Technical Communiqué CT-01/2020 that amends the periodicity of the periodic reporting established by CT-05/2018
Year 2019
    CT-02/2019 Technical Communiqué CT-02/2019 concerning the update of beneficial owner information
    CT-03/2019 Technical Communiqué CT-03/2019 concerning cash movements.
Year 2018
    CT-01/2018 Technical Communiqué CT-01/2018 concerning the repeal of the previous CT-01/2014 in relation to the list of equivalent third countries.
    CT-04/2018 Technical Communiqué CT-04/2018 concerning the appointment of the internal control and communication body (ICCB) and representative to the UIFAND for all reporting entities.
    CT-04/2018 bis Technical Communiqué CT-04/2018 bis concerning the postponement of the deadline set by the technical communiqué CT-04/2018 intended for all reporting entities.
Year 2016
    CT-02/2016 Technical Communiqué CT-02/2016 concerning the implementation of measures related to certain individuals and legal persons.
    CT-10/2016 Technical Communiqué CT-10/2016 concerning the automatic exchange of information on tax matters.
Joint Technical Communiqués
Year 2021
    CT-01/2021 Joint Technical Communiqué UIFAND-AFA CT-01/2021